Arau, May 24 - A total of nearly 25 thousand people visited the Istana Arau to enliven the Malam Kilauan Cahaya (Light Illumination Night) that took place for two days from 19th to 20th May 2017.

According to the Director of Corporate Communication Unit (UKK), Mustafa Ismail, the number of visitors who attended the event have exceeded their target.

"This is the fifth year UniMAP had organized the Malam Kilauan Cahaya and we target 10 thousand visitors each for both nights.

"An increasing number of visitors from each year could be seen as more are attending the program," he said.

He added that the first night saw a total of 14,950 visitors and for the second night, there were 9,985 visitors in attendance to bask in the sparkling lights from the palace compound.

 “A total of 5.251 people visited the royal gallery for both nights.

"They assemble at 8.00 pm while awaiting Istana Arau gate to be opened at 9.30pm," he said.

Among the interesting activity during the nights were cultural shows, magic shows, quiz sessions, lucky draws, and fireworks display.

The program is organized in conjunction with the 74th birthday anniversary of His Royal Highness the Raja of Perlis.


Arau, May 24 - Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Dato 'Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal urged students to be involved in entrepreneurship even while still studying at university.

"University students are the backbone in driving entrepreneurship which is a sector that will help the nation’s economy in the future.

"In fact, the Ministry of Education (MOE) had also targeted that at least five percent of students that are still in the education system should be active in entrepreneurship.

"This is to produce entrepreneurs and technopreneurs when they graduate," he said while officiating the 2017 Women Entrepreneurship Forum and Exhibitions at the Dewan Kecemerlangan UniMAP, recently.

He hoped that their interest in entrepreneurship will continue to flourish and will be beneficial to them, their family, community and country in the future.

Among those who were present as the guest panels of the one day forum are The founder of De Riche Lurve Sdn Bhd, Sharifah Ngadiron; the Chief Executive Officer of Modvier, Siti Sarah Shah Nor; the founder of Vida Beauty Sdn. Bhd. Dato 'Seri Dr. Hasmiza Othman, better known as Dato 'Seri Vida; and the Icon for Muslim entrepreneur, CEO for Sam Beautilogy Lab Sdn. Bhd. and Profit Magnet Sdn. Bhd. Dato 'Shareen Sharifah Al-Mashoor.


Pauh Putra, 23 May -Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) has always striven to ensure the success of the sports is always at its best.

UniMAP Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Fo'ad Sakdan said that the university will continue to provide support to the Sports Center in an effort to search for new talents among staff to represent UniMAP in national and international sports competitions.

"In conjunction with the effort, UniMAP Sports Center organized a mini sports championship among UniMAP staff that called as UniMAP Staff Sports Championship (SUKAS) as one of the way to find new talents that can represent UniMAP"

"During the sports tournament, we can see the staff’s commitment and dedication from each contested team, which has created a different landscape and became a phenomenal sport that we have not seen before," he said at the Prize Giving Ceremony of SUKAS 2017.

Also present was Director of UniMAP Sports Center, Suhizaz Sudin.

At the event, Team D became the overall champion of SUKAS 2017 that started in March and ended in an early May.

Team D achieved victory by winning  four out of the nine contested events such as sepak takraw for seniors and veterans, woodball and badminton.

As a result, Team D took home a trophy and a hamper.

A total of five teams competed in nine sports such as sepak takraw for seniors and veterans, netball, badminton, volleyball for men and women, woodball, tennis and football.




Kuala Lumpur, 16 May – The Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) researcher delegation continues to exemplify excellence upon their successful win of one hundred percent of the awards at the 27th International Innovation Exhibition 2017 (ITEX’17) which took place from 11 to 13 May 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

According to UniMAP Vice Chancellor Dato’ Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal the number of gold medals won this year – 10 gold awards from 15 participating awards or 67 percent – showed significant increase.

He said that the victory is certain to be meaningful after the average performances in two previous ITEX events which were 46 percent gold in 2016 and 30 percent gold in 2015.

“This victory proves that the quality of research exhibited by UniMAP researchers is showing great improvement which will bring great pride to UniMAP,” he said when contacted after the results of the ITEX'17 were announced.

Besides this the UniMAP delegation also won five silver medals and three Special Awards.

Two UniMAP products, namely the FCC Code OCDMA System for Internet of Things (IOT) Communication by Dr. Mohd Rashidi Che Beson and A Method of Controlling SN – Whiskers Formation For Aerospace Electronic Interconnect Application by Dr. Mohd Arif Anuar Mohd Salleh were selected for the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) special awards from Taiwan.

Meanwhile the UniMAP silver medal-winning product Novel Multiplex Diagnostic Kit For E.Coli, Salmonella And Listeria by Prof. Dr. Uda Hashim received the Special Award from Tisias and iCAN-Toronto Canada.

ITEX'17 showcased more than 1000 research products from university researchers, local and foreign research institutions, primary and secondary schools as well as the private sector from over 20 countries including Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Thailand, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Poland and Malaysia.

Kangar, 15 May – Muhd Ekmal Hakim Abdullah of Bernama who toppled 438 pins became the men's champion in the Media category of the 2017 UniMAP Vice Chancellor Trophy Interdepartmental and Media Bowling Tournament which was held at the Perlis Bowl last night.

Meanwhile, Nurhartini Mohd Nasir of Harian Metro became the women's champion with 295 pins. Both winner took home a RM 150.00 cash prize and a hamper.

Second place in respective categories went to Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) representative Muhamad Sofi Shamsudin with 434 pins and Gee Hui Lan of Kwong Wah Yit Poh with 229 pins, which awarded them a RM 100.00 cash prize and a hamper.

Ibrahim Hamzah also of RTM took the third spot with 432 pins and returned home with a RM50.00 cash prize and a hamper.

Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Vice Chancellor Dato’ Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal said that the Vice Chancellor Trophy Bowling Tournament has been an annually-organised event but for the first time this year UniMAP formed a new Media category.

He explained that among others this was intended to foster good relations between the Perlis media practitioners and the UniMAP community, especially the university management.

“This was the first time the UniMAP Interdepartmental Bowling Tournament was held with a Media category and invited the participation of Perlis media agencies with the intent of fostering good relations between the UniMAP community and media representatives.

“I would like the UniMAP community to get to know the media representatives who has afforded UniMAP publicity from the formation of the university until today,” he said.

He added that the bond between UniMAP and the media must endure so that the information channelled by UniMAP through the media will be received by and be beneficial to society.

“Alhamdulillah, the media's inaugural participation was participated by 20 media practitioners and we are certain this will increase with future activities,” he said.

The tournament was sponsored by Syarikat Minda Teguh Trading, UniMAP Holdings and Zeel Production.


Pauh Putra, 3 May - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is always exploring new opportunities for collaboration in research and teaching with various academic institutions at the international level.

Recently, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM), Bulgaria with Center of Excellence for Geopolymer and Green Technology (CEGeoGTech) UniMAP to explore collaboration and partnership  with the countries of the European Union (EU).

The Manager of CEGeoGTech UniMAP, Assoc Prof. Dr. Mohd. Mustafa al-Bakri Abdullah said, CEGeoGTech and UCTM previously had a bilateral relationship that focuses on hosting academic seminars and publications, looking to improve the citations of the two universities.

"In addition, we also received two undergraduate students who come to UniMAP to join industrial training in geopolymer.”

"I am confident that, with this newly formed cooperation, it will open up more opportunities for research and collaboration between the two institutions in the future," he said.

He was speaking at the signing of the MoU between UniMAP and UCTM and Letter of Intent (LOI) with Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM).

At the ceremony, UniMAP was represented by its Vice-Chancellor, Dato 'Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal, and UCTM was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Prof. Dr. Andriana Surlev while UNM was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Drs. Subaer M. Phil. Also present were Director of the Center for International Affairs UniMAP, Dr. Noorhafiza Muhammad. 

Dr. Mohd. Mustafa added that, CEGeoGTech also planned in obtaining mobility grants from the EU and other international countries in order to highlight the visibility of the university in the international arena, especially in the field of scientific publishing and research, as well as in attachment programs for students or staff.

"There is plenty of opportunities offered by academic institutions in Europe in terms of mobility grants and CEGeoGTech will take proactive steps to identify a strategic partner that can assist in driving us forward for more success in the future. ”

"As the for now, CEGeoGTech is leading in Scopus publication in the field of Geopolymer, and I believe that this will allow us to explore more opportunities for collaboration with other educational institutions in Europe," he added.