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Centre for Professional Development & Continuing Education (PDCE)

Centre for Professional Development & Continuing Education (PDCE) is a new centre established under the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International). The purpose of this centre is to strengthen the lifelong learning program in the form of upskilling and reskilling that can increase the level of competence of industrial workers. This non-formal (non-MQA) professional program is specialized for all levels of groups that are already in the related industry. Currently, PDCE has 2 satellite offices namely UniMAP@KL (formerly known as Anjung UniMAP KL) and UniMAP@Kulim (formerly known as Anjung UniMAP Kulim) which aims to be a liaison to stakeholders.

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Master Programmes

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Master Profesional (Professional Master):

1.    Master Eksekutif Pengurusan Projek Binaan

(Executive Master in Construction Project Management)

2.    Master Profesional Pengurusan Fasiliti

(Professional Master in Facility Management)

Bacelor Profesional (Professional Bachelor):

1.    Bacelor Profesional Pengurusan Pembinaan

(Professional Bachelor in Construction Management)

2.    Bacelor Profesional Pengurusan Fasiliti

(Professional Bachelor in Facility Management)

Diploma Profesional (Professional Diploma):

1.    Diploma Profesional Penyeliaan Tapak Pembinaan

(Professional Diploma in Construction Site Supervision)

2.    Diploma Profesional Pengurusan Fasiliti

(Professional Diploma in Facility Management)

3.    Diploma Profesional Pengurusan Trafik Pembinaan

(Professional Diploma in Construction Traffic Management)

4.    Diploma Profesional Pemodelan Maklumat Bangunan dan Sistem Binaan Berindustri

(Professional Diploma in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Industrialised Building System (IBS))

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