Novel GeoGreen Coat for Surface Protection



Due to increasing global CO2 emissions, geopolymer technology became the new interest of researchers from all over the world. Geopolymer based coating is not only a simpler economic alternative, but also provides a greener solution as compared to existing coating such as sodium silicate paint and OPC based cementitious coating material.
Geopolymer source materials such as fly ash, kaolin, silica sand and white clay is studied and has potential to be use as geopolymer coating. Coating application has been studied to elevate the performance of both metallic and non-metallic substrates such as aircraft, marine, concrete and pipeline system. Hence, these coating process can be apply to the pipeline system in order to reduce the risk or lack of workability of non-metallic substrate such as glass fiber-reinforced epoxy (GRE). Glass fiber-reinforced epoxy (GRE) composite is one of the most widely used glass reinforced plastics (GRP). They are used extensively in the marine, building, automotive industries and widely used in pipeline industry. As the use of these material increases, so does the need to define reliable design limits in terms of performance.


Thus, Novel GeoGreen-Coat was made to create an innovative coating application in term of advancing the mechanical performance of geopolymer coating on non-metallic substrates by using new source material which provides huge advantages such as excellent mechanical properties, abundance, low cost, and environment friendly.


Keywords: Geopolymer, Coating, Kaolin, GRE Pipe, Wood, Alkaline Activator