Alpha Nano-Metal Cutting Fluid Type 1






Coolant technology reduces heat generated during machining process and to prolong the cutting tool life. However, the costs of coolant are about 15 percent of the life-cycle operational costs of a machining process. It includes the costs of procurement, filtration, separation, disposal and record keeping for the EPA. And this costs continue to rise. As a consequence coolant becomes a crucial economic issue and the alternative machining with "minimum quantity lubricant", or MQL, is gaining acceptance as a cost-saving and environmentally friendly option. Nanolubricant system is a new coolant technology by enhancing the nanoparticles in based oil. Alpha Nano-Metal cutting fluid is a new formulation with nanotechnology was developed to improve tool life and surface finish.


Keywords: Nanolubricant, Machining, Minimum Quantity Lubricant, Surface Roughness, Tool life.