Civil Servant Need To Be Aware Of The Psd Circulars And Instructions

PAUH PUTRA, July 20 - The performance of civil servants is often assessed by the community and in this modern day, it is so easily spread primarily through social media.

To strengthen trust and improve the public service, Public Service Department (PSD) has introduced the Exit Policy for the future improvements of public service.

Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Datuk Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal said the success of an organization in the civil service is a joint venture and depends on every individual in the civil service.

"We have seen some examples of how the public service name has been slightly spoiled as a result of the misconduct committed by a few civil servants; even though they are not within our organization.

"Corruption, abuse of power, negligence and unethical in carrying out their duties are a number of frequent issues and have been disseminated in the mass media," he said in his speech at UniMAP's Exit Policy Briefing, at Dewan Kecemerlangan, Main Campus, Putra Pauh, yesterday.

Also present were Deputy Director of Policy and Consulting Services Division of PSD, Hasmarulaini Omar and Assistant Director of Psychology Management Division of PSD, Mohd Noor Ikhram Husin.

He further said, civil servants also, should always be sensitive to all the circulars and instructions issued by the PSD.

"The implementation of this Exit Policy refers to officials whose current performance rating is below 60 percent, even though the previous year’s performance was above 60 percent.

"This policy will be implemented through termination of service in the public interest under rule 49 P.U. (A) 395/1993 and then dismissed. I am confident that UniMAP staff will not fall into this category and maintain excellence in every job done, "he said.

The implementation of the Exit Policy for low-performing officers in the Public Service and the implementation of this circular have been approved in the 56th University Board of Directors Meeting No.2/2017.

Through the circular, the government will not hesitate to take action to remove low-performing officers from the Public Service.

"As a dedicated and committed UniMAP staff, you do not have to worry about the implementation of the Exit Policy as this policy has been carefully planned through a fair and transparent assessment to ensure that no government officials are abused," he said.