UniMAP Decided To Repay Soldiers

Pauh Putra, June 19 - Perhaps many are unaware that for Malaysians to sleep soundly all night, there are people who have left their children and  wives to ensure we live in peace.

As Malaysians, we should remember and appreciate the services of the army who make sacrifices to ensure that the country remains safe and secure.

On that basis, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), through International Language Center (CIL), organized the English Language Course and the Introduction to Tagalog as a symbol of appreciation for all Malaysian military forces services.

UniMAP's CIL Director, Prof. Dr. Harshita Aini Haroon said that this is the first program which was organized involving cooperation with the Fourth Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment (4 RRD).

"Previously we had no channels to organize such programs. With the advantages we have (language instructors) organizing this course as UniMAP’s small contribution to our armed forces.

"These kind of community programs is also an aspiration of the Vice-Chancellor, who wants UniMAP to increase activities that can help the community," she said.

She added, in addition to teaching English and Tagalog to military personnel, instructors were also able to learn from the experiences shared by the military personnel.

"This is one of the two-way learning programs where both parties can share new knowledge that I believe it is not easy for the public to get it from the military," she said.

Meanwhile, Commanding Officer of the Fourth Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment (4 RRD), Major Mohd Nazrin Hamid, said the opportunity was a new experience for the military to study with the university lecturers.

"Previously we had never been involved with programs or classes together with the public because in the military itself, there is an Education Corp where the instructors were also from the military.

"This class is a preparation for training with Philippine military personnel that scheduled in the early October for the mission of Land Malphi 18/2017 Series," he added.

Mohd Nazrin added that training with military personnel from other country demands our military personnel to communicate in languages other than Malay, so English and Tagalog language preparation classes are so useful to them.

"In this class, we combined personnel from different ranks, as most of the training will involve troops from abroad.

"I hope UniMAP will organize these kind of classes in the future, to give military personnel to experience studying outside of the camp environment," he said.

The five-day course was attended by 50 members of 4 RRD from 13th to 17th June at UniMAP Kampus, Pauh Putra. The class was conducted by five CIL staff, including an international staff from the Philippines.

The learning sessions were focused on speaking skills, listening skills and group work, in order to help military officers to execute the mission more efficiently and effectively.