UniMAP Strongest Man Earned Eighth Place In The World Strongest Team Championship

Kangar, 27 March -  Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) strongest man has successfully positioned himself in the top eight at the World Strongest Team Championship which was held in Esztergom, Hungary, recently.

Muhammad Firdaus Jamen, 23, said the selection of participants to the competition conducted based on the first and second ranked athletes of the Strongest Man in a country.

"Among the routines that need to be done in this tournament are 160 kilograms of Atlas Stone, 450 kilograms of Tire Flip, 555 kilograms of Tire Flip
125 kilograms of Farmers Walk, 325 kilograms of Duckwalk, 500 kilograms of Superyoke; 30 kilograms of Leg Press, 90 kilograms of Press Box, 130 kilograms of Log Press of, 130 kilograms of Axle Bar Press and 240 kilograms, 270 kilograms, 300 kilograms of Power Stairs.

"22 countries participated in this competition and the participants need to form teams of two participants from different countries," he said when contacted.

Firdaus said, only three participants from Asian countries were selected to participate in this competition, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. However, participant from Japan had to withdraw from the competition at the last minute.

"I am very excited to be able to gain experience from this tournament and it was even more challenging because most of the participants weighs up to 300 kilograms and above to the extent which participants from Asian countries seem dwarfed.

"This tournament was a warm-up for me before the World Natural Strongestman 2017 which will take place in September and about 36 countries are expected to join the tournament," he added.

For the record, Muhammad Firdaus has won the Sabah Strongest Man 2017 title (fifth edition) which took place last February.