UniMAP Contributed 3,449 Furniture To 23 Schools

Kangar, 14 Disember 2016 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) has contributed a total of 3,449 used furniture to selected schools and organizations.

UniMAP’s Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal said that the furniture is still in good condition. It was used by the students in Kuala Perlis Residential Hostel which has officially closed its operations in the last semester.

 “The types of furniture contributed are bed, dresser table, desk and chair. It was delivered to students in 23 schools and universities around the state of Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan. It is hoped that students will be able to make use of the items”.

"Indirectly, it became a program of corporate social responsibility of universities (UCSR) and it has been practiced since UniMAP was established," he said when speaking at the furniture contribution event held at the Tun Dr. Ismail Residential College (KKE) in UniMAP today.

Also present at the ceremony is Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA) UniMAP, Assoc Prof. Dr. Mohd Foad Sakdan, Rector of Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) Dr. Mohd. Mizan Mohamad Aslam and Chairman of the Management Council UniMAP Residential College,  Kirwan Jasbir Jaafar.

In the event, Zul Azhar presented a letter on the delivery of the furniture to the representatives as a symbolic handover of the donation.

Meanwhile, the Director of UniMAP Co-Curriculum Centre Prof. Dr. Zaliman Sauli whom represented the Headmaster of “Pusat Dakwah Jeli”, Kelantan said that the furniture is essential to complete the boarding school.

He added that during his visit to the school, he found out that the students are sleeping on mattresses on the floor; therefore, the contribution of 100 beds will provide comfort to the students. Besides, the school is frequently involved with programs and often receives visits, thus by having the furniture; it will help provide facilities to guest as well.