UniMAP Logo

The UniMAP logo was adapted from the original logo of KUKUM which was designed by a KUKUM Special Committee in 2003. The preservation of the original design indicates that the university preserves its original values and philosophy carried since the inception of KUKUM.

In 2003, a competition was carried out to collect logo designs from the University staff. After reviewing the entries, the committee decided that the designs submitted did not reflect KUKUM’s aspirations and philosophy. Hence, the committee modified a number of shortlisted entries. Ultimately, the best among the alternatives created was selected.

The logo identifies the concept and idea of UniMAP as a dynamic, scientific and innovative engineering university in the context of its mission and vision which considers the aspects of environment, advancement and engineering development – whether they be locally or internationally.

The logo sports an aerodynamic design and also displays icons of science and physics of significance. Among the elements suggested are three dimensional images of interplanetary science fiction objects. However, it was decided that the iconography would be grounded in science, technology and engineering. Layers of oval were selected because of its resemblance to atomic orbits.

When KUKUM changed its name to UniMAP, it was agreed that the concept and the idea of the logo should not be changed to indicate that the original idea and inspiration of the university remains integral. The logo type ‘UniMAP’ is designed to appear more dynamic and to carry the philosophy embedded within it. The italicised ‘ni’ in yellow means ‘nilai insan’, which is essentially ‘human values’ that the Univesity hopes to embed amongst its denizens.

The logo has three colours: blue, yellow and silver, which are UniMAP’s corporate colours. Blue is represents nature, knowledge, harmony, discipline, and the field of engineering. Silver represents high technology, might and sincerity. Yellow represents excellence, life, and the sovereignty of Perlis.

Besides the three main colours, the oval shapes are associated with the image of globalisation and the iconography of science and technology. The 14 yellow circles are reminiscent of objects in science fiction, echoing the University’s space-age inclination. Fourteen is the number of states in Malaysia. The yellow circles are united in their motion, namely towards north and the orbit of globalisation, signifying readiness to address the numerous challenges it would face.

The three silver layers in the logo embody a sense of movement and balance between engineering, dynamism and energy. The silver triangles at the corner of the U, M, and P letters in the logotype speak for the three core values of the University – namely knowledge, sincerity, and excellence.

The official use of the new UniMAP logo began in 2007.

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Last Update: 21st December 2017